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About Leonet

At LeoNet we dedicate ourselves to improving the operations of our customers so they can focus on their business.
Our company provides leadership and direction in the ever-evolving digital world in which our customers must compete for their livelihood.

We minimize your investment in IT infrastructure while maximizing the efficiencies available from new technologies. LeoNet works with industry-leading solution vendors to deliver exceptional value to our customers. We believe that providing the right solution for our customers is our most important goal.
The culture of LeoNet revolves around complete and honest communication at all times.
Constantly assessing ourselves and how we are performing for our customers insures we are always improving our company. Based in Johannesburg with abilities to provide national support to clients.

Our team of full time and part time consultants provides the capabilities needed for effectively meeting a broad range of customer needs. Our development to date as well as our commitment to the highest level of service and support will ensure the continued stability and success of Leonet.


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